The War of Emperium is a war between different guilds to claim the castle to be your headquarters for the guild. Different from previous guild wars only between the larger guilds, through several different smaller scale battles, more guilds can participate, and do other things in the game.

  I. Guild Members! Attack the Castle!!!

Only guilds with the 'Approval' skill can
participate in the War of Emperium.

If you destroy the Emperium inside the castle, your guild becomes the new owner of the castle. There is a big reward awaiting those who obtain a castle, so cooperate with your guild members or even other guilds and attack the castle.

The War of Emperium is only possible
during the following times:

War of Emperium times (in PST)
3 p.m.
2 a.m.
2 a.m.
8 p.m.
2 a.m.
7 p.m.

  II. Guardians of the Castle

3D guardians guard the castle from invaders.
There are several types of guardians:

- Archer Guardian
- Soldier Guardian
- Knight Guardian
- Master Guardian

Your guild needs the "Guard Research" skill to be able to hire guardians.
To get guardians for a castle, use the castle's Butler NPC
(there's one inside each castle):

  III. Guild Flag

The guild who takes over a castle
will have a flag with their emblem on it
displayed in front of the castle.

For information on how to make
the emblem for your guild,
check out the Guild Guide.

  IV. 20 Castles are awaiting your guild

Prontera, Payon, Geffen and Aldebaran each have 5 castles making a total of 20 castles available.

Prontera Castles Payon Castles Geffen Castles Aldebaran Castles

  V. The following rules apply in the War of Emperium
  •  Damage is not displayed.
  •  All effects are simplified.
  •  Guild members will have the emblem displayed on top of their characters.
  •  The skill 'Endure' and any item that has the same effect will not work.
  •  If you are no longer able to fight, you will be returned to your saved point and no experience will be lost.
  •  Wizards cannot use the Ice Wall skill.
  •  Skills that push the opponent away will not work.
  •  'Teleport', 'Fly Wing' cannot be used. The 'Butterfly Wing' can be used.
  •  The Emperium, which is the symbol of the castle, will not take any damage or be affected by Heal, and other supportive skills. Only direct physical attacks will be able to damage the Emperium.

  VI. Privileges for the guild that takes over a castle!

Guild members of the Guild who has control over the castle will recover their HP/SP faster.

Hire employees to maintain the Kafra storage or maintain the castle itself through the Butler NPC.
Also, you can obtain items that can be found nowhere else, once a day.
Butler NPC
The guild master can make major decisions and maintain the castle through the Butler NPC.
View Castle Status You can view the overall castle status.
Invest in Commerce
Invest to increase the castle's economy.
This will affect the item type and amount that can be produced in the castle treasure.
Invest in Defense Increase your castle's defense by investing in it. Defense will affect the castle Emperium's defense and HP as well as the Guardian's HP.
Set up Guardian
and Repair
The guardian that guards the castle can install or repair things inside the castle.
Set up a guardian to ease the task of guarding your guild's castle.
Hire Storage Employee You can hire/fire Kafra NPCs inside the castle. Through the employed Kafra NPC, guild members can use the Kafra storage free of charge.
Enter Master Room There is a room that is only open to the Guild master. In this room, rare items will be given once a day, depending on the Commerce Development Investment of the Guild.
Empty Castle If the castle is in a critical situation, you can return everything to the original status. When this happens, the castle is no longer under any particular guild's control, and becomes filled with monsters.

  VII. To the Castle, Go! Go!

  There are many other hidden surprises for the guild that takes over a castle.

Find the answers yourself through the Ragnarok Online -War of Emperium- !!!