Guilds can enhance your skills and make you stronger!

When you are with a group, even the impossible becomes possible.

The guild system of Ragnarok Online was made to allow the formation of communities with guild members and to form the basis to prepare for the War of Emperium. The guild system will double the enjoyment and fun to the world of Ragnarok Online.

  I. Guild Window (Alt + G)

Information such as the guild name, emblem, level and experience is displayed in this window.

Guild masters can manage
members' positions and set
experience tax levels.

You can expand your guild using
guild skills. Only guilds with the
'Official Guild Approval' skill can
participate in the War of

  II. Making a Guild

To make a guild, you will need an 'Emperium', an ore type item. When you use an Emperium to create a guild, you will not be able to regain it. Please be aware of this when creating a guild.

If you have obtained an Emperium, use the chat window and type:

  III. Creating an Emblem

1. Select a design for the Emblem.
2. Emblems must be 24X24 pixels in BMP format using 256 colors
3. Create a folder named Emblem inside the Ragnarok Online folder
(C:\program files\gravity\RO). Copy the emblem file into the Emblem folder.